Foad Aliaf Industrial Production Group

(FAIPCO Holding)

Foad Aliaf Industrial Production Group (FAIPCO Holding) that is active in Textile industry in Iran country, as a young but wealthy company with valuable experience in the Textile industry of Iran and equipped with advanced machines, and unceasing efforts of group from experienced and creative employees this company is proud to relying on an experienced and expert staff and up-to-date machines, that also level of the products has reached to the highest quality and variety.After extensive activities in this industry in 1389, this company has established a weaving factory, which started these products with sleeping goods and also produces all kinds of furniture and garment fabrics with the best quality, which is completely competitive with foreign markets.

Safadasht unit of Faipco Holding

information of Safadasht unit that has three production units and these are located at Safadasht industrial town. these units has 70,000 m² area, and 700 personnel(with persons of central office) in also 4 working shifts by working with up-to-date machines and new facilities. The products of these collections include all kinds of furniture fabrics, garment fabrics, blankets, foams and sponges.






Faipco Holding is one of the largest and best companies that active in the field of foams and sponge production for home and office furniture, car seats and other industrial uses. All of these products in this industry includes foams and sponges with special densities of 12 to 35 kilos; which is used in different industries according to different purposes.





Mashhad unit of Fipco Holding

Faipco Holding in Mashhad that is located at 17 km of Qochan road in a land that has 55,000 m² area, this unit has 300 personnel in 4 working shifts and is working with up-to-date machines and new facilities. The products of this collection include all kinds of plush fabric or artificial fur in fancy and non-fancy categories and in different widths from 150 to 180 cm and various types of woven fabric and two-layer plush blankets.

Foad Aliaf Industrial Production Company has been able to reduce the share of foreign companies products in the fabric market and factories and furniture workshops all over the Iran, and by focusing on the slogan of “Production Leap”, they offer the most diverse products based on quality and reasonable prices for customers. Also, this company is proud to have been able to produce the products with standard and high quality in a short period of time, which, in addition Providing requirements, in textile industry standards and obtaining certification, has also been able to attract the positive opinion and satisfaction of consumers and textile industry activists.